Stories of our trainings impacting Students and Faculty

Imnatila Tzudir Asst. Professor Department of Political Science

“ The session was quite refreshing . It was a realization moment to take care of my health. Most of the time we have work related meetings and these kind of mental health and holistic development sessions are important for our wellbeing. I was also reminded to be a good team player. Organizing these sort of  sessions shows the organization’s care and concern for faculty wellbeing. Would appreciate and look forward to more of such activities for faculty”.

V. Timothy Lotha Asst. Professor Political Science

“ I learned practical simple and doable tips to de-stress at workplace, how to breathe correctly, body postures, stretches etc. The activity from one of the session reminded me and made me realize the importance of appreciating differences and perspectives”.

Thungbeni Humtsoe Asst. Professor History Department “Being health conscious the session reminded and reinforced self care/overall health care in my life . Those helpful  practical tips were simple and easy steps to inculcate in my daily work life”.

Vandana Ladha Asst. Professor Department of  Commerce

“ The session was relaxing , those practical tips  helped me to manage stress at work  in such a   work pattern”

Khushboo Jain, 6th Semester Commerce
“This class has encouraged and motivated me a lot toward a positive outlook. Personally interacting with my trainer touched my heart and the way she explains well in detail has impacted my life. I learned practical ways to maintain physical & mental hygiene, how to interact in business or personal. I experienced  how to regulate our emotions,  table manners, how to a communicate to impact and what are healthy boundaries, how to practice maintaining healthy boundaries. The trainer is nonjudgemental and I felt safe and encouraged so I felt free and finds no reason to lie but to be honest that way I learned to practice this value of life”.

Naziya Firdosh, 6th Semester Commerce
“This course helped me improve my emotional intelligence, I could practically apply in my life and progress forward, I learned that I don’t have to be in a position or status of a leader to be a true leader ,  I realised Iam a leader myself. I became more aware of confidence inside out. First time learning that leadership is not about bossing, or to dominate, is not about being loud but willingness to serve and guide.
I’ve also started being mindful of etiquettes like  corporate dressing etiquette, modest dressing, tableanners which Iam practicing at he now. Learned correct pronounciation and phonetics for effective communication. I never thought of developing reading habit, but from the sessions I learned how how important it is for my all round growth. And now I am intentionally developing reading habit to gather more knowledge which helps me better my presentation skills”.

Eunice Biswakarma, 6th Semester Commerce
“To be honest, I did not take it seriously in the beggining since it is not an academic course. But, this training sessions has helped me how to conduct oneself, practice social grace, and not fearing to smile as it encouraged us to expressing myself. Practiced phone etiquette, became aware of my areas of improvement and appreciate my strength at the same timed. Sometimes the training gets tough, it’s not easy but that helped me gain a better growth perspective that made me learn classrom behavioural. It has surely impacted my personal life and I have been progressing in maintaining healthy diet while being kind to self and mindful during seasons of celebrations where in ocassions I allow me a cheat day”.

Shuvam Das, 6th Semester Commerce
“I dream to become an IAS officer.
Before this class as a good student, I struggled with anxiety about marks and performance.
After sitting in sessions, I gained seld acceptance, overcome anxiety, became confident, and I find myself giving my best, focussing on  the present. I developed confidence which helped win quiz competitions several times in different events, Tetso college, Comvanza Unity College, Livingstone college. I do better presentation, practice  gratefulness better, social graces, improved perspective and regulate emotions. I also learned the importance of relationship with parents”.

Prasanjit Mitra, 6th Semester Commerce
“This class helped a lot. Learned to set goals and use correct pronounciation for impactful communication.
I was not aware of leadership skills when I was a class representative earlier, but after this class I learned what I should not to do as a leader. I learned how a transparent leader leads well. If I get any opportunity in the future, with all these learnings I am willing to lead/serve well. I learned to practice saying thankyou and sorry, how to speak on the phone and social etiquettes. I also learned to Journal. This class is guiding me to study my academic subjects effectively.The trainer helped me to be a good presenter. I enjoy learning from this class”.

Pushpasree Deb, 6th Semester Commerce
“I overcame stage fear and experienced winning in a debate competition as I put my learnings from the sessions to the pulpit. Winning boosted my confidence, the sessions on public speaking impacted me most and helped me to put it into practice. I also learned authentic leadership and etiquettes “.

Bikee Dutta, Masters in Commerce.
“Literally boosted my confidence, the roleplays and speaking practice helped in my growth and connect with peers. Leadership is my favourite topic as I could relate and associate myself to it. I was inspired especially  to be authentic and be considsrate of others. It helped me in maintaining a good mental health, attending the classes helped me connect with self and develop self awareness. The sessions helped me to build a healthy self image and removed lies and limiting thoughts about self. It made me come to a point of more self realization”.

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