Department Of Economics

Programmes Offered

  • M.A Political Science
  • B.A Economics Honours

Economics Honours Course was introduced in June 2014. The Department since its inception
aims to inculcate in students the practicality of the syllabus. It ensures that the students get
exposed to the working system of certain organizations. It targets on prospective students in
developing analytical thinking and tries to streamline students’ participation actively in the
learning process. As the department continues to proceed in its journey in the field of higher
education, the department aims to contribute towards the building of the institution and to the
needs of the students. The Economics department seeks to strike an optimum balance between
academic and co-curricular activities to promote students personality development along with
academic grooming. The most important mission designed under the discipline is to:
 Provide general understanding of the functioning of the economic system and the role of
 Prepare the students for employment in any related field or to pursue higher studies.

Once you’ve started to become comfortable programming with core web technologies (like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), and you start to get more experience, read more resources, and learn more tips and tricks, you’ll start to come across all kind of tools, from JavaScript frameworks, to testing and automation tools, and more besides. As your web projects become larger and more complex, you’ll want to start taking advantage of some of these tools, working out a reliable toolchain to give your development process superpowers.
On top of that, we still need to keep cross-browser support in the forefront of our minds, and make sure that our code follows best practices that allow our projects to work across different browsers and devices that our users are using to browse the Web, and be usable by people with disabilities.
Working out what tools you should be using can be a difficult process, so we have written this set of articles to inform you of what types of tool are available, what they can do for you, and how to make use of the current industry favorites.
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