Department Of History

Programmes Offered

  • M.A History
  • B.A History Honours

About the Department:

  • The Department of History offers both Undergraduate and Post Graduate Studies
  • The Department of History (Honours) was established in 2013
  • Post Graduate studies was established in the year 2019
  • The department has 8 faculty members and has produced NU Subject Topper (Under Graduate) in 2022 and Gold Medalist (Post Graduate) in 2021.

The Department of History, Unity College, aims to inculcate awareness of the past and legacies of events that shaped the world through teaching, research and extension activities in the context of world, national and regional history. We stand by the maxim that only a critical understanding of the past will enable the students understand and interpret the present.

The Department of History strives to achieve the following:

  1. For the Post Graduate Students
    We aim for our students to gain historical knowledge and a broad understanding of events that shaped world history. In terms of skills, students will learn to think critically, to conduct mini research, to interpret information and articulate arguments.
  2. For the Under Graduate Honors and General Students
    The department aim to facilitate a wide range  of topics on the syllabus designed by Nagaland University. The goal of the teacher is to assist students in understanding historical events and how these events shape the world in terms of political, social, economic, religious, and psychological changes.
  3. For the Faculty of the Department
    We aim to provide a supportive environment for the faculty to undertake independent and collaborative researches on a wide variety of topics, and also to encourage the pursuit of  excellence in both publications and teaching.
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