Department of Political Science

Programmes Offered

  • M.A Political Science
  • B.A Political Science Major

About the Department:

The Department of Political Science at Unity College offers Bachelors and Masters degree programmes in Political Science. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including Politics in India, Political Theory, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Public Administration, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of political dynamics.

With a team of experienced faculty members, the department focuses on providing quality education and mentorship to students. In addition to classroom instruction, emphasis is placed on hands-on learning experiences such as fieldwork, research projects, and community engagement initiatives, fostering critical thinking and civic engagement.

The department envisions itself as a vibrant academic community committed to excellence in education, research, and civic engagement. Our vision is to empower students with a keen grasp of political dynamics, encouraging critical analysis and inspiring action for a better world.  Our mission is to cultivate a dynamic intellectual milieu that champions rigorous instruction, groundbreaking research, and influential community involvement. Through our commitment to educational distinction and scholarly achievement, we aim to embolden individuals to emerge as knowledgeable and proactive citizens, poised to confront the challenges of modern society.

Political Science
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