Department of Environmental Science

Programmes Offered

  • B.Sc. Environmental Science

About the Department:

The Department of Environmental Science at Unity College was established in the year 2017, with the primary objective of providing multidisciplinary, high-quality education to students, enriching their understanding of both regional and global environmental issues. Offering Undergraduate courses such as B.Sc. Environmental Science (Major and Minor), Skill Enhancement Courses, and Multidisciplinary Courses, our department covers a diverse array of topics. These include biodiversity, soil and water management, pollution studies, environmental impact assessment, ecology, disaster management, natural resource management, and sustainability.

With a team of four dedicated faculty members specializing in Ecology and Resource Management, we are committed to delivering comprehensive education to our students. Additionally, our department boasts of a well-equipped science laboratory, facilitating practical hands-on learning experiences.

The Environmental Science Department aspires to equip students with a profound understanding of key environmental issues and a diverse set of environmental tools and methods. Our vision is to empower students to emerge as leaders in the development and implementation of environmental policies and management practices.

We aim to train students in the scientific analysis of the environment, equipping them with the skills necessary for efficient environmental management. Through fieldwork, co-curricular activities, and extension programs, we endeavor to foster environmental awareness and promote the principles and practices of sustainable development, providing students with holistic exposure. Our mission includes instilling in students the virtues of environmental ethics, integrity, and social responsibility, preparing them to be conscientious stewards of the environment.

Environmental Science
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