Department of Vocational Studies

Programmes Offered

  • B. Voc in Office Management and Secretarial Practices
  • B. Voc in Computer Applications

About the Department:

The Department of Vocational Studies was established in the academic year 2018-2019. Under which we offer  Diploma Course in Leadership and Personality Development.

This Training program is designed to create ethical leaders who will relentlessly communicate, ask important questions, initiate tough conversations and impact organizations and society. Trainees are prepared to address the grand challenges of the State, Country and the World by developing the most required cross-disciplinary knowledge and Leadership Skills in a changing world.

Our vision and mission converge to shape a transformative approach to leadership development. We are committed to nurturing ethical leaders, cultural architects, and thought leaders who bring about the transformation every organization needs. By reaching out to each student through nuanced training, we bridge the gap between leaders and employees, creating destination workplaces where individuals thrive.

Understanding the importance of a human-centered employee experience in today’s competitive landscape, our mission is to cultivate soft and interpersonal leadership skills among our trainees. These skills are foundational to building lasting professional relationships that drive success in the evolving workforce. Through this approach, we empower our students to make a meaningful impact, both within their organizations and in society at large.

Vocational Studies
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