Educational Qualifications:

  • MA (Nagaland University), NET

Other Role and responsibilities:

  • Head of Department Education
  • Mentoring 26 students
  • Members of Eco Club
  • Exam Coordinator

 Course Engagements:

  • C-2 Philosophical Foundations of Education
  • C-5 Trends and Issues of Modern Indian Education
  • C-7 Educational Technology
  • C-8 Development of Education in India
  • C-9 Statistics in Education
  • C-7 Educational Technology
  • Skill Enhancement Course
  • Value Added Course

Faculty Induction Program/Orientation/Refresher Courses:

  • Faculty Induction program organized by Teaching Learning Centre, Ramanujan College, University of Delhi from 11th February to 13th March 2021.

Faculty Development Program (FDP):

  • One week online National Faculty Development Program on “ Online tools for teaching learning and evaluation,”  organized by JSS College of Teachers’ Education PG Studies in Education and Research Centre, Vijaypur, Karnataka in collaboration with Rani Chanamma University from 9th-15th June 2020.
  • Online faculty Program on “Learning management System and Open Educational Resources from 8th-14th July 2020 organized by Department of Teacher Education, Nagaland University, Kohima Campus, Merima, Nagaland.
  • International FDP  “Accelerating equality and empowerment of eomen in all spheres,” organised by the Department of Management and Social Science, Amity University in Tashkent from 8th-12th May 2023.