We strive to engage Non-teaching Staff , Faculty and  Students in workshops and trainings for a Wholesome Development.

  • 15th May 2023: One Day Wellness and Development Workshop for faculty and staff was organized in Collaboration with the Department of English. The resource persons did a laudable job on delivering a practical and uplifting session. Associate Pastor of DABA (Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo) Mr. Imnatoshi Longkumer facilitated the trainees to a refreshing activity which led to discover their own wisdom with wit and humour, creating a space to introspect with an objective to inculcate healthy community
  • Neingunuo Linyu of I Care, Body. Mind. Soul. Briefly debunked the common misunderstanding of Physiotherapy treatments, bringing more clarity on the different types of physical, mind and emotional therapy. She efficiently engaged the audience to participate in ‘mindful’ step by step exercise for a whole body set. Simple exercises and postures to regulate stress, stiffness and physical pain at workplace or home.
  • 29th April 2023: The Department in Collaboration with the Department of English organized a special Career Preparatory Programmed or the final year outgoing students. Two students gave a short testimonial on how a guide made a difference in choosing their career path. CEO of Pinnacle skills, Dr. Yan Murry as the resource person in the conversation, was asked questions ranging from importance of Human Skills, his entrepreneurial journey, women participation in labour force, wage gap, family, employment and Naga start-ups, to which he carefully answered each questions with rich content from his research and experience, providing clarity, purpose and direction. Students were inspired and asked practical questions that related to their life. Dr. Yan gave various guidance toward a meaningful career curve. He also eased the stereo typical belief that ‘there is no connection between entrepreneurship and other profession’ as he responded to question raised by one student. It was a resourceful conversation.
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