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Various committees are constituted by the Principal for managing various functions of the college. The committees comprise of teachers, and many include non-teaching staff and students as well.
The Committees are as follows:

2. Disciplinary Committee
3. Attendance Committee
4. Examination Committee
5. Canteen Committee
6. Sports Committee
7. Women Cell
8. Literary Committee
9. Social Activities
11.Magazine Committee
12.Sports Committee
13.Library & Website Committee
14.Alumni Committee
15.Grievances Redressal and Anti Ragging Committee
16.Placement and Career Counselling 
17.Intellectual Property Rights
18.General Students In Charges
19.Exam Committee
23.Eco Club
24.Yuva Chaupal
25.Music Club
26.Photography Club
28. Evangelical Union

The Committees meet on a regular basis and help to formulate and implement the strategic plans of the institution. The responsibilities are defined and communicated through face to face meetings with the non-teaching staff members of the college as well as by notifications.