Institutional Distinctiveness

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The leadership of the college is committed to fulfill the vision and mission of the college. The Head of the institution ensures an academic integrity by keeping an eye on the regular progress of classes, listening to the grievances of the students and faculty and trying to solve such problems. The leadership is also reflected in the regular meetings with the staff to uphold strategies and direction and in the overall student administration.
Keeping in mind its vision of providing good infrastructure, the college has a perspective plan for development. The college prepares proposals for development assistance from UGC and Government. The college also prepares perspective plan every year with reference to academic programmes, field action projects and also infrastructure improvements. While taking decisions regarding budget formulation, infrastructure development, faculty recruitment, faculty development, research, national and international linkages, workload, and academic activities etc., the perspective plan is treated as the guiding principle.
Plans for more infrastructural development in term of extension of library, computer lab, apart from the already existing conference hall. Teachers are encouraged to go for seminars, workshops, research and to publish articles in various journals including the college journal. For students, various co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities are held and students are encouraged to participate both in intra college as well as in inter college activities.