Procedure and Policies for Maintenance

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4.4.2 Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc. 

Procedures and Policies for Maintaining and Utilizing Physical, Academics and Support Facilities: 

The physical and academic facilities including classrooms, seminar halls, conference rooms, computer laboratories, etc. are made available for all the students and staffs.

Classrooms have whiteboards and CCTV installed which are utilized regularly by the students and staff. The seminar room and conference room is also made available for other organizations during holidays and after classes.

Maintenance is done on a daily basis.

The maintenance and cleaning of the class rooms are done with the efforts of the House Keeping Staffs.  We also have vendors registered with us for taking care of Electric and Plumbing works.

College maintains a lawn.

The college has adequate number of computers and internet connections and the utility software are installed and updated as and when required.

All the stakeholders have equal opportunity to use those facilities as per the rules and the policies of the institution.

Two computer labs are made available for all the students and particularly computer students during their active teaching hours.

The library is also well equipped with Koha software with all necessarily required computers.

Six computers are installed with internet in the library for the students.

 Computers are installed in the staff room for the faculty for preparing teaching slides for their ICT enabled teaching in the class rooms. All these computers are well maintained and being repaired as and when required by the vendor registered with the institute.

The ICT smart class room is maintained by the supplier as it is in warranty period of the instruments.

The college website is maintained and updated regularly by the Website Committee.

The maintenance of generator is regularly done with its company persons as and when required.

The water tanks are being cleaned regularly. 2 RO system for pure drinking water facility are maintained.

All the fire equipment are regularly upgraded as and when required by the local party. 




Requirement for Books is taken from the concerned Departments through the HoDs. The Library Committee ensures that the requirement of the library is met. A proper record of students and teachers visiting the library is maintained by the Library Assistants. Rules for the Library are decided by the Library Committee and is duly signed and approved by the Principal. A suggestion box is kept in the library for students to give their requirements for books and feedback. 


Computer Room


Computers Laboratories are maintained by specially designated staffs. All repairs and maintenance work is reported in the Complaint Register and it is rectified accordingly.




The upkeep and maintenance of the Building is done through the office of the Administrator. The College has a Supervisor who looks after the repair and maintenance work of the buildings. A team of Housekeeping staffs take care of the daily maintenance. They are equipped with modern tools of cleaning such as mops, gloves and other cleaning gadgets. A complaint register is also maintained in the office for registering complaints by the stake holders.


Sports Facilities


The Volleyball, table tennis boards and Badminton Courts are maintained by the Sports Committee. An Assistant keeps the racquets, shuttlecocks and volleyball in the store room and the equipments are issued to the students accordingly.