Academic Calendar 2016-17

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Academic Calendar 2016-17
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Teaching, learning and evaluation schedules are discussed and planned before the commencement of the new academic session. Every year an Academic calendar for the new academic session is prepared and distributed to each Department wherein the date of Resumption of Office after the Winter Vacations, Opening dates of the academic session, University examination dates, Declaration of NU Results, dates of Issuance of Admission forms to respective classes, declaration of Selection list for Admission and Provisional Admission thereof, dates for Commencement of the various classes, College functions, College Week, holidays/breaks and dates for filling up Forms for the oncoming Final examinations are disclosed. This academic calendar is also made available in the College Library and the students Notice Board for information. Within this academic calendar, each teacher prepares a lesson/teaching plan of the subject/ paper that he/she teaches wherein the input time, internal assessments, feedback from students, revision time etc. are all considered. In this way, each teacher can expect to cover the course systematically and satisfactorily and well within the academic schedule. HoDs oversee the lesson plans of each teacher in their departments to ensure that the syllabus has been wholly covered and revised. Moreover, the Principal does not officially pronounce the end of classes for the year until all the HoDs sign a Syllabus Completion declaration. All evaluation of examinations follows the University scheme and pattern.

Date/Month                                                      Particulars                                                      Days
2nd May                                              3rd & 5th Semester Commence                                    Mon.
16th May                                            1st Semester Commence                                              Mon.
3rd July – to 31st July                          Summer Break                                                            Sun.–Sun.
15th August                                        Independence Day                                                      Mon.
19th  August                                  Fresher cum Annual Day                                         Friday
22th - 27th Aug.                             Semester Pre Selection Exam                                   Mon. – Sat.
2nd October                                        Gandhi Jayanti                                                            Sunday.
08th to 11th Oct                                  Durga Puja                                                                  Sat.-Tues.
12th Oct.                                            Muharram                                                                    Wednesday
29th -30th Oct.                                   Diwali                                                                                     Sat.-Sun.
2nd Week of November               Term End Semester NU Exam.      
1st December                                    State Inauguration day                                               Tuesday
02nd December                                 Next Semester Commence                                          Friday
18th Dec – 8th January                      Christmas & Winter Vacation                                     Sat. – Sunday
9th January                                        Re-opening of Office                                                  Monday
10th January                                      Commencement of Classes                                         Tuesday
26th January                                      Republic Day                                                              Thursday
  27th Feb-4th March                   Mid-Term Examination                                            Mon-Sat
13th March                                        Holi                                                                             Monday
  14th – 18th March                      Examination Form Fill-up                                        Tue-Sat
   5th – 21st April                          Term-End Examination                                          
*    14th April                                    Good Friday                                                               Friday
* Note: Subject to Change