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Title of the Practice: Mentoring System


To monitor the students regularly

To enhance the students’ academic performance and attendance

To improve teacher-student relationship

To guide students to choose the right career path.

To counsel the students and attempt to solve their problems


The Context: 

The main objective is to inculcate discipline, punctuality and motivation among the students.

The Practice: Mentoring of students is practiced on a day to day basis with each member of the faculty acting as a mentor and counselor and confidante to the students generally and also individually in a manner whereby their interest is maintained even when providing correctives since judgments are unbiased and not personalized. Arrangements for mentoring are usually made during free periods on weekdays, on Saturdays, and even outside class hours, if

necessary. In these interactions counselling and guidance is given to erring students and encouragement to others. 


Title of the Practice: Remedial Classes

Goal: The objective of remedial classes is to give additional help to those students who have backlog paper and for one reason or another have fallen behind the rest of the class. 

The Context: Remedial Classes can help struggling students shore up their basic skills. This extra support can help them catch up to their peers.

The Practice: The Remedial Classes provides extra sessions to assist students to achieve expected competencies in their backlog papers.

Evidence of Success: The remedial classes have helped a lot of students clear their backlog papers. 

Problems encountered and Resources required: Clash in routine